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My First Short Story! – The Pink Sweater

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Tag: Fight Club

The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger

My Rating: 5 stars After an overdose of painkillers, Daniel Fletcher wakes up in a Los Angeles trauma center and is detained for psychiatric evaluation. Again. Except his name isn’t really Daniel Fletcher. Or Eric Bishop. Or Christopher Thorne. All of these names belong to one man – John Dolan Vincent – an intelligent and […]

Diary by Chuck Palahniuk

My Rating: 4 stars Misty Wilmot was once a promising young artist. Now she drinks too much and works as a waitress in a hotel. Her husband is in a coma after a suicide attempt. He was a contractor, and now his clients are threatening Misty with lawsuits over a series of mysterious and disturbing […]

Summer Reading

Since I have survived my first few days and the first Monday of my sophomore year, I thought now would be a good time to discuss summer reading. I’d have to say my two favorite authors this summer were definitely Chuck Palahniuk and Jennifer Brown. I suggest Chuck Palahniuk to anyone who asks for books […]

Fight Club

My Rating: 5 stars After I finished reading this book last month, I couldn’t wait to watch this movie. Considering how much I loved the book, I wanted to see it brought to life and how it would all be played out. And honestly, I absolutely loved it. Edward Norton starred as the Narrator, Brad […]

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

My Rating: 5 stars Fight Club follows an unnamed main character, who suffers from insomnia because of jet lag from frequent business trips he takes around the country. The Narrator’s doctor tells him to go to various support groups to see what “real suffering is like”. He finds that sharing the problems of others at […]