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January 2012
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My First Short Story! – The Pink Sweater

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Top Events of 2011

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Midnight Premiere: I had been waiting for this movie for four years, and it was so fantastic to finally be able to see it. I love going to midnight premieres, especially the ones for Harry Potter and seeing everyone wearing Potter shirts and dressing up as their favorite characters. July 15th was an awesome day and I still can’t believe there will never be another one.
2) How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying on Broadway: This musical was amazing. When I saw How to Succeed on May 21st, it was my first time seeing a musical and my first time in New York City. I had such a fun time with my family and seeing Daniel Radcliffe up on stage. It was so weird seeing him singing and dancing without his lightning bolt scar, wand and round glasses.
3) The Pink Sweater: This year, I published my first short story. The Pink Sweater is my inspiration to keep on writing and hopefully publish another short story soon!
4) Honda Civic Tour: On September 17th, I got to see two of my favorite bands, My Chemical Romance and blink-182, in one night. It was my first real concert and such a fun and memorable night with my friends.
5) Panic! at the Disco Fall Tour: On November 3rd, I saw another one of my favorite bands with my friends. Also, Patrick Stump, the former lead singer of Fall Out Boy, opened up for Panic!. It was my first concert in a general admission audience, and it was such a great experience. I don’t think there’s anything better than being in the crowd at a concert.
6) American Horror Story: I finally found an addicting TV show to replace LOST! I love this show so much, and I cannot wait for the second season, which is hopefully as good as the first.
7) Chuck Palahniuk: Although Palahniuk has been around for quite a while; I just discovered his books this year. After reading Invisible Monsters, Fight Club and Diary, he became one of my favorite authors. I love his unique writing style and his way of confusion and connecting everything together at the end of his novels.
8) Jennifer Brown: After reading Brown’s two books, Hate List and Bitter End, she became one of my favorite authors. She is definitely who I would name as my author of the year. I love the voice of her writing. Her characters are so realistic and relatable, I feel like I’m in the book along with them. She writes books that make you think: what would you do if you were in this character’s situation?

2011 was a great year! I can’t wait for all the new books, movies and music to come out in 2012.
I hope you all have a fantastic year!