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September 2011
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A mash between a social networking site and an interactive Harry Potter game, Pottermore is definitely something every Harry Potter fan will enjoy.
I was lucky enough to be granted early entry into Pottermore, by answering one of the “magic quill questions” back in the beginning of August. I just recently got my welcome email two days ago.
I was so excited to finally be able to enter the site after waiting a month since I registered. Pottermore was definitely more than I thought it would be (hence its name). I wasn’t expecting to be able to cast spells and brew potions. I originally had though that we’d just be going along with the books’ plotlines and learning new things that J.K. Rowling had never told us before. Along with casting spells and brewing potions, we get to collect things along the journey, hopefully getting house points while we’re at it. We actually get to experience everything that Harry did: going to Diagon Alley, buying our school supplies, buying a pet of our choice, and getting our wand (after taking a seven question quiz). My wand is alder wood with phoenix feather, ten and three quarter inches, surprisingly swishy.
And finally, what every Potterhead has wanted: we get to be sorted. The Sorting Hat itself definitely had a huge role in the Harry Potter series, especially first years like ourselves. After answering a number of questions, I was sorted into Ravenclaw, which I was quite happy with. Though, there are some Pottermore users that were sorted into a house they didn’t want, and aren’t very happy with the Sorting Hat.
I absolutely love the “New by J.K. Rowling” sections you can find while exploring Pottermore. It’s so interesting to read what she thinks about characters, how she came up with characters, and learn a bunch of things she never told us before. I think it’s great that she’s doing this for all of us, all of her fans.
This version of Pottermore is still the beta, so its early-access users are welcome to leave a comment saying what they liked the best, what they’d change, what they want to see in the upcoming adventures, etc. I think the only thing I’d change would be to add some music or sound to the chapters; maybe some music from the soundtrack or maybe voices of the characters or noises of the animals and places that you are in while exploring the chapter. Also, I spent time collecting things for house points in the first few chapters before I was sorted, and after I was sorted they didn’t count for any house points. I feel like it was a waste to put them there if they don’t count for anything.
Honestly, I can’t wait for the next books in Pottermore to open up, because for now only the Sorcerer’s Stone is open for the beta users. In October, Pottermore will be open for all to register. Don’t forget to check out the Pottermore Insider (http://insider.pottermore.com/) for the latest Pottermore updates.
…I think it’s safe to say that I believe Pottermore will take over my social life (what was left of it anyway).

Have you gotten into Pottermore? Are you still waiting for your welcome email? Will you register in October? Leave me a comment!


Comment from Brianna
Time September 1, 2011 at 10:26 PM

Hello, just curious as to what day you registered? loved your blog!

Comment from bri
Time September 1, 2011 at 10:51 PM

Thank you!
And I registered on the second “magic quill” day, August 1st.