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July 2011
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Deathly Hallows Part 2, Round 2

After seeing Deathly Hallows Part 2 again, I realized really now much of the ending of the movie was changed. Really, the whole timeline of events was altered. All the events leading up to the big moment (when Harry finally defeats Voldemort) were totally different than what happened in the book.
After Harry is “killed” by Voldemort and has the dream thing of him and Dumbledore at King’s Cross station, Voldemort thinks he is actually dead. Voldemort then announces to the population of Hogwarts that Harry was indeed defeated. Narcissa Malfoy, Harry and we as readers are the only ones who know Harry is actually alive. A lot of important quotes were cut of out this scene in the movie. Ron is supposed to shout “He beat you!” referring that Harry really beat Voldemort, even though he is dead.
Neville is supposed to step up to Voldemort and defy him. When Voldemort asked for people do join him as Death Eaters, Neville is supposed to say, “I’ll join you when hell freezes over! Dumbledore’s Army!” I had been waiting for the moment for the four years since the book has been released. I couldn’t wait to hear the words come out of Matt Lewis’s mouth. The fact that Neville did not say that really upset me. That one simple quote was supposed to show Neville’s transformation from the little scared boy with a pet toad, to the hero with Gryffindor’s sword. In the movie, Neville made some speech about how it was okay that Harry died, because people die every day. Even though Harry died he still lives on in our hearts. Although I liked that little speech, it did not fit the moment. This wasn’t supposed to be some heart-touching moment. The crowd was supposed to be angry and upset and rebellious. Voldemort is then is supposed to summon the Sorting Hat onto Neville’s head, explaining that there will be no more Houses at Hogwarts. Then, he demonstrates what happens to people who continue to oppose him. The hat is set on fire, along with Neville. Out of nowhere, Neville is the hero again. Neville kills Nagini with Gryffindor’s sword, slicing her head right off. This doesn’t happen in the movie. Harry (who is on the floor, at the feet of Hagrid) was then supposed to put on the Invisibility Cloak and cast an Shield Charm, protecting Neville and the others from Voldemort. Hagrid and everyone else finally realize Harry has disappeared, and then the fighting begins again. You all know what happens next. In the movie, Harry doesn’t use the Cloak and everyone sees him run away. Then Harry and Voldemort fight some more, Neville is knocked out for a while, and Ron and Hermione chase after Nagini, trying to kill her. I understand it builds up suspense, but it totally messes with the plot of the book.
And, after all the battles are over and Harry has one, he’s supposed to go off with Ron and Hermione into Dumbledore’s old office and fix Harry’s broken wand with the Elder wand, which doesn’t happen in the movie. Harry is supposed to say “I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.” I can’t explain how upset I am this was not said in the movie. I felt like it was one of the most important things said and summed up everything very well. Also, at the end of the whole book, after Harry touches his scar which hasn’t pained him in nineteen years, the last line is “All was well.” I really wished that was used in the movie as a kind of “the end” for the series. I think it would have been perfect.
I could never say that I dislike or hate a Harry Potter movie. But I am disappointed. I was just waiting for certain parts for SO long, and I’m upset so many of my favorite lines were not included.


Comment from Nick Cornew
Time July 23, 2011 at 12:26 AM

Ok so I have read pretty much every thing on your web sight and I am very impressed with it….the one thing that I disagree on is your blog on Harry potter and ther deathly hallows part 2- I agree that they did make a lot of changes to the ending but, I think most of those changes were nessary for the movie….I do agree that Nevel should have had the “I’ll join you when he’ll freezes over” line but I don’t think that the people who didn’t read the book wanted to see Harry Ron and Hermione fixing Harrys wand with the elder wand dumbledores office cuzz the people who make the films also have to think about the people who just watch the movies….the ending was perfect for me only because they used the music from the first movie, that made me want to cry (but of course I didn’t lol)….I know it’s hard, and it’s almost impossible with the Harry potter movies but sometimes you have to try to separate the book from the movie cuzz when you do, it makes you feel a lot better about the movie….but don’t think I don’t love the books cuzz there the only reason I love to read….iv read all of them at least 4 times….i just want to love the movies as much as I love the books which will never happen.

Comment from bri
Time July 31, 2011 at 8:52 PM

I know. I understand what you’re saying. But Deathly Hallows Part 1 was exactly like the book. Don’t you think Part 2 should have been the one that was more like the book, considering it was the end?

Comment from Becca von Zweck
Time August 22, 2011 at 11:08 PM

i completly agree with u bri. they also left out the part where harry tells voldemort how snape was on their side after all. and when he killed voldemort, it seemed like, no big deal.they could have put a little more effort since its the very last movie. otherwise,it was good:)

Comment from bri
Time August 27, 2011 at 4:09 PM

Exactly! I felt like when Harry killed Voldemort it was no big deal at all. I would have liked to see people watch Harry kill Voldemort, too, which happened in the book.

Comment from Rhiannon
Time October 27, 2011 at 4:40 PM

Hmmm, its strange i have heard many people disappointed with the film, but although being an avid reader of the books i kind of disagree! I LOVED the film. It was possibly my favourite although the first really is something. I did think that snape should have been hyped up more though. The idea that he was the hero all along made me so sad and so grateful to him and I feel he should have been more appreciated.