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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

My Rating: 5 stars

Okay, here we go. I had been waiting for the moment I’d see this movie for four years. I was lucky enough to see it at midnight, and I couldn’t believe it was happening. I got to see the movie in 3D, and it was my first time seeing a movie in the theater in 3D. Although the 3D didn’t really add much to the movie, it was still interesting and worked for a lot of the parts. I enjoyed it. Also, the 3D glasses were shaped like Harry’s glasses.
I have mixed emotions about this film. First of all, it is the last Harry Potter film. I never imagined that it would actually happen. Since I basically grew up with Harry, it was weird finally realizing there was nothing more Harry Potter related to look forward to. I will honestly say I was a little disappointed with this movie. There were many changes to the plotline, especially at the end of the movie. I just felt that the events leading up to the overall end shouldn’t be changed. It all felt rushed. I felt like I was in and out of the theater in no time. Part 1 seemed longer. Also, there were those certain moments and quotes from the books that I just couldn’t wait to see and hear and just find out how it was interpreted. A lot of significant and important quotes weren’t included. I was pretty upset about that. I waiting so long to see certain parts, and they weren’t even included. Maybe I just expected too much?
But, this was a Harry potter movie. There is no way I could say that I disliked it in anyway. This movie was action-packed from start to finish. It had everyone in the theater laughing, crying, and cheering and on the edge of their seats as the movie played. It was a truly great film. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were absolutely fantastic. Alan Rickman stole the show. He was amazing. The whole cast was fabulous. I can’t believe this is the last Harry Potter movie. And I won’t doubt that I’ll be at the theater to see it again.