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April 2010
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My First Short Story! – The Pink Sweater

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Archive for April, 2010


I’m sure you all know that BookNerdBlog.com has a Facebook Fan Page now, but if you don’t…well, now you do! Hahaha. Anyway, it would make me really happy if you became a fan, or like the page, or whatever they call it now, because I would like to spread around the word of my website. […]

FANG: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson

My Rating: 3 stars **If you haven’t read previous books, don’t read!** Max and the flock are in trouble again. Angel says Fang will be the first to die. Soon. And after meeting Dr. Hans in Africa, Max left right away. Something just wasn’t right about that guy. Dr. Hans introduced Max to her “perfect […]

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

My Rating: 5 stars The Forest of Hands and Teeth house the most disgusting and deadliest things, the Unconsecrated, who are basically walking dead people. Zombies. And all they want to do is Infect more people, devour more flesh. All Mary wants is the love she lost. Being recently orphaned, abandoned by her brother, and […]

It’s Earth Day – Go Green!

Hey everyone, I’m sure you guys all know that, every year, April 22nd is Earth Day! And I’m also sure that you are being bombarded with different ways to go green, save our environment, and save energy. All of those ideas like taking shorter showers, using less paper products, recycling soda cans, water bottles and […]

Gone by Michael Grant

My Rating: 5 stars Could you imagine if one day, all of a sudden, everyone over the age of fourteen just vanished? No teachers, no parents. No police officers or doctors. Just the young: toddlers, teens and middle schoolers. Also, there are no phones, and no internet and TV. There is absolutely no way to […]

Hunted by P.C. Cast & Krisitn Cast

My Rating: 5 stars **If you haven’t read previous books, don’t read!** Zoey Redbird and her friends Damien, Aphrodite, Erin, Shaunee, Stevie Rae, the red fledging vampyres and a Son of Erebus named Darius, are on the run from the evil, fallen angel, Kalona and Neferet, who has refused to follow Nyx. Everything is at […]

National Library Week

Hey everyone! Okay, so really this is just a random post, but I thought I’d let everyone know that this week is National Library Week! I think National Library Week is really cool. It was first formed in 1958 by the American Library Association (ALA). National Library Week, this year, goes from April 11th to […]

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

My Rating: 2 stars Ender Wiggin is one of the smartest kids his age, and he has been singled out as the one to defeat the buggers and lead the Third Invasion. Can Ender successfully complete his mission? Or is everything just a game? I had to read this book for my reading class in […]

Looking For Alaska by John Green

My Rating: 1 star Okay, so, I found this look on the Barns & Noble website while searching for new books to read, and I thought this book sounded good when I read the description. But it wasn’t all I expected it to be. This book is about Miles Halter, a boy who is obsessed […]

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

My Rating: 3 stars Liz Hall died at the age of fifteen. At first, she doesn’t even remember that she is dead. When she wakes up on the SS Nile on her way to Elsewhere, she realizes what has happened. Elsewhere is where people go once they die, in which they age backwards from the […]