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October 2009
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Archive for October, 2009

Burned by Ellen Hopkins

My Rating: 5 stars Warning: Rated PG-13 Burned is definitely my other favorite book by Hopkins. This book is about Pattyn, a teenage Mormon girl who hates the way her life is. She is constantly taking care of her younger sisters, having to deal with her crazy drunk father, and irritating mother. Pattyn starts to […]

Identical by Ellen Hopkins

My Rating: 4 stars Warning: Rated PG-13 Identical was a pretty good book with a weird and confusing ending. This book is about two twins who live with their abusive father. Their mother is never home, and they never speak to any of their other family members. As Kaeleigh and Raeanne struggle to figure out […]

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

My Rating: 3 stars Warning: Rated PG-13 In my opinion, Tricks wasn’t one of Ellen Hopkins’ best books. It was about five people, and what they do to survive in the worst situations of their lives. All five of them, Eden, Seth, Whitney, Ginger, and Cory live their lives differently, but somehow fall into a […]

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

My Rating: 5 stars Warning: Rated PG-13 **Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t read Crank, don’t read!** Glass is the well-written sequel to Crank, the continuation of Kristina/Bree’s story. Kristina finally gets off drugs and for a good reason. Her son. She wishes to be like a real mother, loving and caring for her child. But […]

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

My Rating: 5 stars Warning: Rated PG-13 Crank is the first book I read by Ellen Hopkins. At first, I thought it was absolutely strange. But as I continued reading, I got addicted. It is written in a poem format, about a girl who meets a guy and gets pulled in by “the monster”­– crank. […]

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

My Rating: 5 stars Warning: Rated PG-13 Impulse is definitely my favorite book by Ellen Hopkins. This book isn’t on the brightest of topics. It is about three teenagers – Connor, Vanessa, and Tony – who tried to commit suicide. All three of them are moved to a home for counseling and therapy. They all […]

Welcome to My Book Blog!

Hey there! My name is Bri. I’m eighteen and a senior in high school. I’m copy editor for my school newspaper and an aspiring author/journalist. In my reviews of young adult novels, you’ll find my rating (five stars is the highest, one is the lowest), a summary and my opinion of the book that was […]